Tina Migeot

Tina Migeot

web designer-developer

I design, code, and produce small to large web sites from concept to production, working extensively with clients to create sites that suit their needs and goals.


Work Experience:

Drexel University’s College of Nursing and Health Professions
Web Manager/Developer
6/2012-6/2017 (position eliminated in budget cuts)

  • Executed and managed all college web processes: design, maintenance, site architecture, landing pages, specialty sites, UI design, human interaction/site flow and functionality.
  • Analyzed the site in light of brand direction and creatively aligned the site to reflect College brand. Worked with Director and other team members in developing content and content templates process to assure content is up to date and fresh.
  • Planned and oversaw the implementation of Sharepoint to CMS linking for multiple areas of the site, resulting in easy to implement real-time updates of information by school department faculty and staff.
  • Provided project management expertise: plans, tracks (tasks, time and progress), communicates with stakeholders, and updates projects using online project management system (Basecamp).
  • Created and managed online news system for indexable, searchable news stories about CNHP students, faculty and alumni. Taught interns and staff to add news stories for constant updates to school news.
  • Planed, organized, managed and implemented new sub sites for CNHP’s growing list of Clinical Practices and Centers.
  • Created and distributed HTML emails and e-newsletters.
  • Supervised employees and interns.

United Health Group
Web Designer
Interactive design and production for MyOptumHealth.com, United Health Group's consumer directed health web site. Direct competitor with WebMD.
Desgns and develops content for UHG websites using css, designs and develops visual interface and coding for UHG client portals and demos for health portals, html emails, email newsletters.
Creates and updates content, configures and manages templates for Content Management Systems such as Vignette and SiteCore.

Chameleon Theatre Company
Web Manager and Social Marketing Manager
04/2011 - Present
Web manager - Created, designed and currently manages website. Created custom WordPress template and widgets for site CMS. Enables functions such as online tickets sales for events and online payment of donations to the company. Creates and manages newsletter campaigns.
Graphic marketing - Creates printed marketing materials such as business cards, postcards and posters.
Social media marketing – Creating, managing and growing the company's presence through our Twitter feed, Facebook page, and other strategically relevant online properties.

Freelance Web Designer
Interactive design and production for a variety of clients, including QVC, the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and Cadient.
Maintained content and functions for company intranets and content management systems, creates html emails, email newsletters, as well as designing and constructing new websites for a variety of departments, conferences, expos and events.
Utilized Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML, CCS, ASP, JavaScript, Action Script, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe ImageReady, Quark, Adobe Illustrator, Transmit FTP.

Managed Care Measures, Marlton, NJ
Web Designer
Interactive design and production for Managed Care Measures, LLC., a pharmaceutical marketing and communications firm.
Lead design on projects for web sites, CD-ROM's and other digital projects for pharmaceutical clients such as Astra Zeneca, Serono, Solvay, Roche, Diachii and Aventis.
Primary designer for Managed Care Measures' Disease BenchmarksTM's online disease cost calculators and mapers, company intranet and content management system, as well as Managed Care Measures website.
Maintained content and functions for the Disease BenchmarksTM website, as well as Managed Care Measures' intranet.
Utilized Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML, JavaScript, Action Script, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Illustrator, BBEdit, DeBabelizer, Fireworks.

iConnect.com, Inc. Philadelphia, PA.
Digital Media Designer
Firm closed 8/01
Created Yahoo! Stores for e-commerce businesses from concept through production for
iConnect partners PriceClick.com, using HTML, CCS, Javascript, Adobe Photoshop 5.5, Adobe Illustrator 8.0, Allaire HomeSite 4, Macromedia Fireworks, and Dreamweaver.

Crestec Digital, Mt. Laurel, NJ.
Contract Digital Media Designer
Firm merged with Cannon Corporation.
Created and produced graphics for client web sites using Adobe Illustrator 9.0,
QuarkXPress 4, Adobe Photoshop 6.0. Codes HTML pages in BBEdit 5.

ClearLogic, Haddonfield, NJ.
Firm closed 6/02
Digital Media Designer
Design and production of small to large web sites, including development of site architecture and navigation systems, detailed page layouts.
Extensive client interaction. Utilized html, CCS, PHP, Javascript, Adobe Photoshop 5.5, Adobe Illustrator 8.0, BBEdit5.0, DeBabelizer, Fireworks, Macromedia Flash and FTP programs Transmit and Fetch.